The education needs of our customers are shifting to meet the steady increase in temporary staffing models, making it difficult to utilize a Learning Management System. To accommodate these needs, BD now provides those who desire a different option outside of an LMS direct access to the BD Alaris™ System Video Education. 

This is an important reminder that the links below can only be used in the ways specified:

For full courses and certificates of completion, visit  BD Learning Compass and use the Curriculum Finder tool.

The purpose of this quick reference page is to provide the direct links to BD Alaris™ System education videos as resources for customers:

The purpose of this quick reference guide is to provide those direct links. While this option does provide quick access, there are some limitations including the inability to enforce viewing, monitor completion, or print a certificate of completion.

For further help, contact the Learning Compass Support Team at

For additional resources, visit the Infusion Resource Library, which includes user guides, tip sheets, in-service material and more.