Find Your Courses

There are a number of ways to find the course (learning object) you want to complete:

  1. On your Learner Home Page, scroll down to the Assignments area on the left side. If your educator has assigned training in the system, it will appear in the Assignments area.
  2. No assignments? No worries.
    1. Under Curriculum Finder on the right side of your screen:  
    • Step 1: Select your Product
    • Step 2: Choose your Version
    • Step 3: Choose your Role
      • Nurse/Clinician: Look for one more option in Pyxis ES courses: Profile, Non-Profile, or both Profile/Non-Profile
    • Click Go to Choose the version of the curriculum that matches your system.
      • Have the main system? Choose the Essentials option. 
      • Have MedStation AND Med Link? Choose the Essentials with Med Link option.

  3. If you have already requested a course, it will appear in the My Learning panel on the left of the screen, under the Assignment panel.
  4. Depending on the Position you selected, you may see one or more courses in the Suggested panel. Click on the title of the version of the course that matches the product you are using in your facility.

Downloadable Courses in SCORM format

Need to download content for your own LMS? Use the Help > SCORM Content - Downloadable Content for my LMS link for detailed instructions.

SCORM Curricula are located in the role Educator/LMS Admin in the Curriculum Finder.

Need More Help Finding a Course?

Still can't find what you're looking for? Send us an email at with what you are looking for, and we're happy to help you find the right stuff.