Q: Where can I find User Manuals for Pyxis and/or Alaris Products?

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A: The Technical Publications team places the most current version of each user guide in the Customer Portal, in the Content Library.

Official User Guides and Product Manuals
Customers may log into the BD Customer Portal here:

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Training Manuals, Job Aids, Quick Start Guides, Reference Materials
In addition, many courses have additional documents like quick start guides, job aids, and other training materials in the Curricula for System Managers and Educators in Learning Compass.

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Use the Curriculum Finder on the main screen to locate your product and version, and in the role, select System Manager or Educator/LMS Admin.

Click Go to inspect the curriculum contents to see if they contain the materials you are looking for, and click Open Curriculum to access the contents.

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Note: If you only see a "Save for Later" button, you may have registered as an independent or using a personal email address. The advanced materials are restricted to customer access only.

If you need help with upgrading your account to your professional email address, contact us at LearningCompass@bd.com and let us know which curriculum you need to access, and which email account you would like us to use when upgrading your registration.